Company Profile

Company Name Maruwai Advanced Ceramics L.P.
Headquartered in 216 Kitawaki-cho, Seto City, Aichi Pref. Japan 489-0918
Tel : +81-561-82-6232 Fax : +81-561-83-1050
Factories Headquarter Factory: Production of Advanced Ceramics
216 Kitawaki-cho, Seto City, Aichi Pref. Japan 489-0918   ( Land:4,800m2   Buldings:2,000m2 )
Kyoei Factory: Ceramics Processing
7-69 Kyoeidori, Seto City, Aichi Pref. Japan 489-0809   ( Land:550m2   Buildings:360m2 )
Business Line Production and sale of large variety of ceramics
Products of a particular category
  • Ceramic insulators for heaters/Magnesia pipe insulation
  • Crucible and boat for chemistry laboratory
  • Setter and Sagger for semiconductor/for sintering battery materials
  • Magnesia / Alumina crucible for metal melting
  • Parts for high heat refractory
  • Parts for fuel cell
  • Alumina / Zirconia parts with high level of intensity
  • orcelain insulator for lighting equipment
Representative Representative Partner
Incorporated Sep/1957
Company History Details
Ceramic raw materials Zirconia [ZrO2+Y2O3、ZrO2+CaO], Alumina [Al2O3], Mullite [Al2O3+SiO2], Magnesia [MgO], Steatite [MgO+SiO2], Silica [SiO2], Yttria [Y2O3], Calcia [CaO], Boron Nitride [BN],
Research building
Research building