We are processing and selling products such as Graphite (Synthetic Black Lead) Plates (Setters), Crucibles, etc.
These products are used as Refractory, Thermal Insulation Materials and various furnace materials.
If you wish to purchase our carbon, please choose materials from Table of Physical Properties for Carbon (Graphite / Synthetic Black Lead).
If you are interested in our consignment manufacturing of carbon, please feel free to contact us.
We are adept at mass production of large sized products making the best use of Machining Centers and NC Lathes.

Table of Physical Properties for Carbon (Graphite / Synthetic Black Lead)

Product group GM1 GM2 GE1
Method of Shaping Molding Extrusion
Chemical Ingredients
C 99.8% 99.9% 99.7%
Ash Content 0.2% 0.1% 0.3%
Specific Gravity
1.72 1.74 1.65
15 14 19
Flexural Strength
16.5 20.0 11.0
Intrinsic resistance
≦8.5 ≦8.5 ≦9
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion(RT~1000℃)
3.4 3.4 2.5
30 35 25
Maximum Particle Diameter
0.8 0.8 4
Intended Application Jigs for sintering
V-shaped setter
Jigs for sintering

Powder Metallurgy

We will process special metals or special ceramics (metal oxide or metal nitride).

OEM (Consignment Manufacturing) Business

We will, on consignment, not only prepare for raw materials by powder metallurgy method but also shape, process and sinter them.
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