Maruwai Advanced Ceramics L.P. (“the Company”) recognizes the importance of protecting personal information in our advanced information and communication technology-intensive society. The Company considers the appropriate management of personal information an important social duty.
Therefore, the Company has determined its Privacy Policy in accordance with its Policy on the Protection of Personal Information, and operates and manages its website in such a manner that visitors can feel secure in navigating it.
This Privacy Policy applies when you provide your personal information through this website operated and managed by the Company.
However, when providing personal information, there may be instances in which extraordinary provisions that differ from this Privacy Policy apply, and in such instances, the extraordinary provisions shall take precedence.

Handling of personal information

efinition of Personal Information

Personal information as defined in this Privacy Policy is information provided by visitors to this website, including name, address, telephone number, and email address, used for the purpose of identifying each individual visitor. Even if the individual cannot be identified using this information alone, the information is considered personal information if it can be referenced against other information easily to clearly identify the individual.

Use of Personal Information

In collecting personal information, the Company’s purpose, in accordance with legitimate and appropriate practices, is to provide you with notices or announcements. Unless you have given your consent or legal requirements so stipulate, the Company does not use personal information for any purpose other than that of providing you with notices and announcements.
You exercise your sole discretion in choosing whether or not to provide your personal information.
Please understand, however, that some services on this website may not be available if you choose not to provide personal information.

Supply of Personal Information to Third Parties

Personal information is managed to strictly avoid disclosure to any third party without your permission.

  1. You have consented to disclose your personal information to a third party.
  2. Your personal information must be disclosed to our affiliate, subsidiary or subcontractor with whom we have a confidentiality agreement in order to accomplish the purpose for which the personal information was collected, as we have revealed earlier.
    (Example: Instructing a shipping service provider to ship you invitation letter for seminar.)
  3. Your personal information has been processed into statistical data that will not disclose your identity.
  4. Law requires disclosure.

Management of Personal Information

In cases where you are asked to supply or register your personal information by which you can be identified, such as name, address, e-mail address, or telephone number, the Company will inform you of the purpose of use, as well as whom to contact with any related inquiries.
In order to safely handle your personal information, the Company will implement various measures such as managing access to personal information, restricting the means for transporting personal information outside the company and preventing incorrect access from outside the company, and strive to prevent the leakage, loss or destruction of personal information.

Regarding Disclosure of and Desired Corrections to Personal Information

If you wish that your personal information be disclosed, corrected, or deleted entirely, please contact the person indicated at the specific website where the information was submitted.
The Company will respond to your requests to display, correct or delete your Personal Information within a reasonable period of time following verification of your identity.

Protection of Personal Information on Linked Sites

When following the links to other websites contained on this website, the Company cannot be held responsible for the handling of personal information by businesses or individuals linked through its website.
Please check each of the linked site’s individual policies regarding their handling of personal information.

Inquiry contact regarding personal information

With regard to inquiries regarding personal information supplied or registered by you, requests to review such information, etc., should be directed to the contact person indicated at the specific website where the information was submitted.