CIP (Rubber Press) Products are highly and homogeneously condensed non-porous products because they are made under the ultra-high pressure in all the directions.
Rubber molds, which are suitable for smaller quantity production but less expensive, are used in the CIP manufacturing process.

Aluminum Titanate CIP Products are

  • Excellent in thermal shock resistance, because their coefficient of thermal expansion are nearly zero.
  • Depending on their physical shapes, will not crack even when heated to 1,000 degrees Celsius and subsequently thrown into water.
  • Show excellent non-wetting behavior in contact with fused aluminum.
Aluminum titanate CIP product (ladle, firing jig)
Aluminum titanate CIP product (ladle, firing jig)

Table of Physical Properties

Product group FTA-PS FTA-W
Materials Aluminum Titanate
Appearance Non-porous
Chemical Ingredients
Al2O3 50% 55%
TiO2 40% 40%
SiO2 8% 3%
Specific Gravity
3.1 3.3
Water-absorption Rate
1 1~2
Thermal Conductivity
Flexural Strength
10 30
1000 1500
Thermal Shock Resistance
1000 1000
Color Appearance Grey Light Grey
Intended Application Metal Melting Crucibles
Sintering container(Battery materials / Electronic parts)
Metal Melting Crucibles
Sintering container(Battery materials / Electronic parts)
※ Note that the features listed above are reference values and are not guaranteed.