What is Ceramics? ( “Ceramics” and “Advanced Ceramics” )

Ceramics are defined as the inorganic materials made from clays by heating to a very high temperature.
Glass, pottery and porcelain, and firebrick are the typical examples of ceramics. Among them, advanced ceramics represent those fabricated using high-purity man-made materials through the application of careful and precise control of processing conditions.
Much attention is currently being given to advanced ceramics because of their many unique characteristics including, but not limited to, high level of intensity, high degree of thermal resistance and excellent electrical insulation quality.

Maruwai provides advanced ceramics such as magnesia, alumina and zirconia making the most of their features in electrical insulation, corrosion resistance, thermal insulation or wear resistance.
Manufactures and sells CIP Products, Extrusion Products, Press Forming Products and Injection Molding Products applying a high level of form shaping techniques which also correspond to amorphous structure.
Advanced Ceramic Products include metal melting crucibles, electronic parts sintering containers and bottom plates, ceramic insulators (click here for another window) for home and industrial heating, and wear resistant parts for machine.

Production Method

Because Maruwai has a various type of manufacturing equipment such as for Dry Pressing, Wet Pressing, Extrusion Molding, CIP, Waste Mud Injection and Injection Molding, it selects from among the various production methods the one that makes the highest quality but in least expensive way.
Please see below the details “Advanced Ceramic Products at a Glance (Classified by method for formation)”

High-Precision Processing Technology

Maruwai performs precision work on non-porous materials such as Alumina, Zirconia, Magnesia, Forsterite and Steatite with Surface Grinding Machine, NC Lathe and Machining Center.

Monocrystalline Electrically Fused Magnesia

Maruwai manufactures magnesia products of the world highest quality with the use of magnesia production technologies succeeded from Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.
Provides Magnesia Crucibles, Magnesia Containers, Magnesia Setters and Magnesia Pipe Insulation of high quality.

Sintering Furnaces

Maruwai has 5 large gas ovens and 10 high temperature electrical ovens, which enable it to manufacture specialty products requiring a smaller quantity and a shortened lead time.