Basic concepts

Maruwai Group has contributed to the development of the pottery and porcelain industry, the very industry of the local society in which the Company has more than one hundred years of operating history.
Conducts business improvement activity with sincerity and ingenuity. Contributes to the preservation of the environment and to the development of the local society.

Basic policy

  1. Assesses the influence of the business activities on the global environment and the local society and engages in the organized improvement activity toward the fulfillment of the environmental protection targets undertaken by the management.
  2. Performs periodic and continuous reviews of the business activities in the light of the target to keep the improvement activity going.
  3. Complies with environmental laws and regulations, agreements with the business partners and industry associations, and commitments to the local society.
  4. Promotes, on an ongoing basis, energy and resource saving activities to minimize environmental burdens generated by its business activities.
  5. Implements, without interruption, measures to increase productivity including yield improvement.
  6. Attaches a high value to the in-person communication with, and puts forth an effort in providing environmental education to, its employees in order for them to continually work together toward the environmental targets.

August 13, 2014
Maruwai Advanced Ceramics L.P.
Representative Partner
Jin Yano